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It's always nice to pamper yourself every once in a while, and the same goes for our dogs, too!

If you're looking for a grooming service in the Durham region that you can count on, look no further!

Durham Dog Grooming is a professional groomer offering high quality service and products at an affordable rate!

Durham Dog Grooming offers exceptional, compassionate care for your four-legged friend!

With a team of full-time, certified professional groomers, Durham Dog Grooming offers a unique bathing system, ensuring your pet receives the highest quality grooming.

The Hydro Surge Bathing System includes a superior deep cleansing and conditioning system, followed by a style and clip!

Each grooming session includes a complete brushing out of your pet's coat, a deep cleansing bath, conditioning using products that are specifically suited to your pet's skin and coat needs, personalized drying methods helping to remove loose undercoat and dander, use of the Furminator, trimming of the underbelly and privates, nail trimming, paw cleanup, and ear cleaning to eliminate wax, dirt and odour.

In addition to dog grooming services, Durham Dog Grooming also offers grooming for cats.

To make the process as simple as possible, Durham Dog Grooming also offers early morning drop-off, and pick up and drop off services.

All clients are rewarded with complimentary services between grooming appointments as part of Durham Dog Grooming's Loyalty Program. These services include nail clipping, face trims, ear cleaning and reminder calls!

The team at Durham Dog Grooming are dedicated to providing you and your pet a memorable experience. Most clients who visit are return customers, as Durham Dog Grooming strives to build lasting relationships with every client, and every beloved pet!

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  1. Regular dog grooming will provide your dog with a shinier coat and a healthier lifestyle, plus it gives you the opportunity of spending some 'one on one' time with your dog. It is an essential part of looking after your best friend and his well being.

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