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Why dog grooming is important for his health

By Margaret H.Bonham

I know that when I think of dog grooming, the vision of the froufrou doggie beauty parlor springs to mind, complete with bows, silly hairstyles, and nail polish. I’ve got news for you: I’ve never put a bow in my dogs’ hair, and my dogs would protest mightily if I even suggested painting their nails. But grooming’s important. No one likes a bad hair day. Your dog certainly doesn’t; he feels just as uncomfortable as you do when his hair is all ratty and snarled. But grooming is more than just having him look and feel good; it’s vital for his health. 
dog grooming

Why dog Grooming Is Important

Your dog isn’t healthy if she doesn’t look good outside. A lackluster coat or one that’s plagued with external parasites and sores is just the tip of the iceberg. If she looks icky outside, she probably feels icky inside, too. That’s because her coat mirrors her health. Her outward appearance can be a signal of internal problems that no amount of brushing can fix. Look at the following sections for some of the various reasons grooming is important to your dog’s overall health.


When your dog is clean, you want him around more so you can bond and enjoy each other’s company. Sure, he likes to play in the dirt and roll in stinky stuff, but he also likes how it feels to be clean, just like you do. And although he doesn’t care how he smells (except when he’s had the misfortune of meeting up with a skunk — check out Chapter 15 for more about deskunking a skunked pooch.), you do! You’re less likely to enjoy having a dirty, smelly dog around, but a clean, refreshing one is definitely a more enjoyable companion.

Presenting a positive public image

Keeping your dog clean says something about you; it says that you’re a responsible dog owner and that you care for your dog. You may be able to take your dog places where dogs aren’t usually allowed. When practical, I’ve actually taken dogs to book signings and shopping malls where dogs aren’t usually permitted. One look at my dogs told the people in charge that I take care of my dogs and that they’re well-mannered.

Your dog no doubt will join you on walks outside your home, but you may have occasion to do other things with your dog, such as go to special events or even compete in various dog sports and activities. Maybe you’d like to do some social work like visiting the sick or elderly. Your dog can become a therapy dog, but being clean and friendly is vitally important for your dog under those circumstances (see Chapter 5 for more about brushing and bathing your dog). No one wants to pet a dirty dog, no matter how lovable.

Dogs aren’t always allowed everywhere you’d like to take them, no matter how well-behaved and well-groomed they are. The reason some places are off limits has to do with health department regulations, so make sure that you always get permission before taking a dog to a place that doesn’t normally accept them.

Eliminating the spread of dirt and disease

Dirty dogs track dirt into your home and get dirt on your clothing, furniture, and carpet.

Ungroomed dogs are more likely to be infected by internal and external parasites, and external parasites fleas and ticks  can harbor dangerous diseases, such as bubonic plague, typhus, Lyme disease, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever, which can make you and your family sick. If your dog is ungroomed, she may be carrying funguses such as ringworm that young kids and the elderly can pick up from her. Keeping your dog clean and free from these problems through good grooming eliminates many potential health problems.

Determining whether something’s really
wrong with your dog internally

Plenty of good reasons exist for grooming your dog. One such reason is finding out the difference between a coat that looks bad because it’s dirty and one that looks bad because something is wrong with your dog. Grooming also eliminates various problems associated with an ill-kept dog, such as external parasites or open sores caused by a matted and dirty coat that traps bacteria.
A lackluster coat can be a sign that one or more things are seriously wrong with him, including
  •  Poor nutrition
  •  Allergies
  •  Internal parasites
  •  Hormonal imbalances or diseases
  •  External parasites
  •  Cancer
  •  Other diseases
Any one of these problems can severely shorten your dog’s life, or in extreme conditions, even kill your dog. Knowing how to groom your dog so that he looks the best he possibly can helps you separate potential health problems from problems caused by not properly caring for your dog. Now that we have seen the importance of drooming the question arises what is the costs of dog grooming.


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